Inking all day long

Hey guys!

I’m currently on holidays, spending some time at home, taking a break from work, french and all that jazz that gives me headaches for the rest of the year.

After going to the Hangar Rockin‘ Festival a week ago I got in contact with a local editor of a vintage magazine. Well it kind of happened, with lots of luck and love that she offered me to write an article for the September issue they’re planning now, and so the past few days i was either in shock or completely honoured to be given such a chance. They even checked out my blog and asked me to print some of the photos I took back then as well.
I’m still kinda speechless when I think about it…

Another dream I finally decided to chase was starting to make tattoos – I took the plunge last week and ordered a starter kit off of they were really friendly and helped me a lot, since worldwide shipping is kinda complicated when ordering with them. I’m now awaiting the arrival and I’m really looking forward to being a tattoogun mommie soon.

In order to get back in shape (I hadn’t been drawing in quite a while) I got myself some ink and new nice brushes today and I finally feel like I’m starting to get along with the process of painting with ink. I haven’t tried it anymore since highschool because I really sucked at that time.. But it’s all coming along.



damn you fading!!!

This means war.
And also practice, practice, practice…

Wish me luck,

Maggie ♡

Follow me around, shooting day in Zurich

Hello people!

In todays post I’m going to show you what I did yesterday – including some pictures of the photoshoot we had in Zurich yesterday.

Have fun


Taking selfies on a one hour train ride – cause it’s boooriiing


Model, Photographer and my boyfriend in action hahaha (he tried out the job of lightning assistant yesterday)


Photoshoot with Louisa and AEON Photography

DSC_0205 DSC_0207 DSC_0208 DSC_0214 DSC_0232

Dessert by HILTL – best veggie Restraurant and take away in Zurich


Matcha blondie with white chocolate, chia seed coconut pudding, and mangomousse. definitely worth the calories haha. yuuuummm.


Zurich train station – on our way home

DSC_0237And after a successful but tiring day, I’m just going to enjoy my beer, meet some friends at our favourite bar (Pooc Biel/Bienne) and then, go home and instantly fall asleep. *yawn*

Until next time my friends!


What’s in my makeup bag

Hey cuties!

Today I’d like to show you what’s inside of the makeup bag I carry around with me everyday.

The inside actually changes every few weeks, depending on where I go, my new favourites and so on. With the inside, the outside changes as well. I have about 7 different bags to store my makeup in – right now, it’s this black and gold beauty I got as a gift like 4 years ago for christmas.

Well yeah you can see… it’s pretty but small (as you can see in the top right corner where my compactpowder is peaking out haha)

So now on to the more interesting part, the makeup!


Okay so there we are:

1. Rimmel contact powder in 001

2. Mac blush in Moccha

3. Benefit „stay don’t stray“ in travel size

4. Benefit „browzing“ in dark

5. Beautyblender

6. Mac eyeshadow „typographic“

7. Sephora kabuki brush travelsized

8. Mac lipsticks in „morange“ and „plumful“

9. Maybelline fit me concealer in 001

10. Benefit  „they’re real push up liner“

11. L’oréal lash accellerator

12. A few brushes from Sephora, Mac and Makeupstudio

I’m going to make a post later on this week showing you what my go to make up is using only the stuff found in my makeup bag, as well as a post on my favourite Mac lipsticks.

wish me luck my dearies ♥

Healthy snacks & breakfast – my favourites!

Hello guys!

So today I’m going to talk to you about my go to meals and how I have been changing my diet over the last four weeks.

I’m an absolute veggie and fruit lover, which comes in handy when trying to lose weight or change your diet for the better. Since it’s not the first time for me trying to „diet“ it wasn’t all too hard for me to start off, so I’d recommend to all of you guys to inform yourself about a healthy diet – whether with books, or on the internet or with a professional health advisor, or even with your doctor.

It’s not just as simple as only eating half of what you would usually, or only eat salad and fruit until the rest of your life – there’s so much more to a healthy diet. Anything else you’re going to try will bring you the yoyo effect as soon as you stop. (Sorry to dissapoint you ladies and gents)

Next to regular excercising, I love to browse the internet for new inspiration and recipes almost daily. I make screenshots, send recipes to friends and family, write them down in a book or even pin them on pinterest. This helps me with keeping up with my habits, and pushing my motivation back to the top on those slow cheeky days where you’d usually go for convenience foods like a quick pizza, pasta with sauce or worse, salty fatty snacks in front of the tv. haha

enough of all of that jazz, here are my favourite go to snacks and my favourite healthy breakfast:

1. Snacks:

Cucumber and Feta bites:

Cut cucumber in small pieces and top off with feta for a super easy and delicious snack – whether you’re at the office or in front of the tv – this would even work as appetizer to bring to a party.

Avocado egg toast:

Get yourself one or two slices of whole grain toast bread and throw it into the toaster until golden and crisp. In the meantime, make yourself some eggs (scrambled, poached, sunny side up, whatever you like best)

take half an avocado and spread it onto the toast. top off with egg, salt, pepper and if you like it spicy – tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper.

2. Breakfast:

Instagram media by gingerheaded - Lunch #omelette #cheese #ham #babyspinach #spinach #healthy #coconut #fit #fitfood #foodspo #yum #cooking #homemade #healthyfood #gymfood

I love preparing breakfast on the weekends. Throughout the week I mostly eat yoghurt with fresh fruit and sometimes a small portion of porridge with cooked apples or bananas or something. On the weekends though I will prepare a 5 star breakfast for my man and me.

This one is probably my favourite at the moment. I’ts the baby spinach and grilled tomato omelette:

take two eggs per person, mix them with a little milk aOrange Juice is the 3rd best thing to have after exercising! | The 14 Best Things To Eat After A Workoutnd just 2-3 spoons of whole grain flour. cut small pieces of onion and start frying them, along with small bits of tomato. Then, add in a lot of spinach, (it’s going to disappear as soon as it get’s warm) and in the end, add the mixture to it. 

lightli fry it from both sides, top off with low fat cheese and ham if you like – flavour, and you’re done!

Some freshly squeezed fruit juice with it and there you have your perfect start into the day!

If you want to see my favourite main dishes and desserts, be sure to comment down below and follow my blog so you wont miss future posts!

wish me luck


Breaking in shoes, the fastest way!

Hey my dearies,

So, I bought these super cute even and odd ballet flats off of Zalando – I ordered a pair one size smaller than I usually need, but hey, it was 99cents.

No but seriously, they were like 8 bucks which is nothing – considering that they are like the perfect pair of slightly pointy yellow ballet flats made of unicornblood and cotton candy. Anyways, they are amazeballs.

You can imagine how joyful I felt when they arrived yesterday, but probably also the devastation that hit me as soon as I tried them on. They did’nt fit.

Since I had already incorporated them in todays outfit, I had to do something – quickly!

I’ve heard of many ways to break in your shoes like, wearing them all day with socks at home, or that one trick where you put them in the freezer over night with a bag full of water but since I wanted to wear them right away, I had to improvise.

So here’s how I did it:

1. a pair of thick socks (the ones you wear for skiing or comfy fluffy socks you wear at home when sick or just spending a chilled day off)

2. the shoes you want to break in

3. your favourite hairdryer


next step is to put on the socks and the shoes all together and then, setting the hairdryer on medium heat, blow the air onto the part of your shoes you want to stretch, whether it’s only the tip, the heel or the whole shoe and heat it up for about 3-5 minutes per each shoe.

while heating them up, wiggle up and down with your toes and try doing this while standing up, to put as much pressure on them as possible.

then, you let them cool while still wearing shoes and socks this will take another 1-2 minutes.

in the end you take off the socks and try on your shoes, youUnbenannt-3 should notice how they have widened quite a bit already. If this is my final result. after just one time heating them up and letting them cool they fit like a glove.they’re still too snug, repeat multiple times.this is seriously the fastest, and most comfortable way to break in your new shoes

since wearing them may not be satisfying enough, make a duckface selfie and Unbenannt-4cheaply edit the shit out of it, just because you can. (including a stereotypical french moustache to top it off.)

thanks for reading, I hope this makes your daily life a lot easier and less hurtful

have fun,



Hello everyone!

for the last twoo weeks I have been kind of busy with ordering clothes online, working, healthy eating and all that jazz.

as soon as all of my clothes have arrived I’m going to post a mega haul on here, as well as an updated post about all my tattoos (I have a new one on my foot that needs to heal properly to do so.)

if there is anything else you want to know or read, just tell me in the comment section.

i might also be doing a small post on my current workout and eating habits, as well as my go to meals.

until then ny friends 🙂